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@ Idezi, we consult and sell barcoding equipment, all types of stock and custom labels, along with solutions for companies that are in the need of inventory tracking or general technology housekeeping. Idezi "ID Made Easy"

Need a Truly Durable Barcode Scanner? This One Is Practically Indestructible

In manufacturing, warehousing, and other industrial environments, mobile equipment and technologies often [...]

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Improving Your Warehousing Efficiency with Long-Range Barcode Scanning

Today’s customers want to receive their goods and shipments faster than ever before, [...]

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Why You Need to Be Using a Barcode Tracking System in the Lab

If you're in a lab you need to be using a barcode tracking system. Take a look at how it can increase productivity and reduce errors in your work.

Just the Basics: Different Types of Barcodes You Should Know

Barcodes are common in most industries, so we're taking it back to the basics. Here are the different types of barcodes you can use in your business.

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